Friday, October 2, 2009

I threw a tantrum of note this morning. Could not find any clothes that fit me and then Hottie (erm.. Husband) says “You have mommy boobs now” Mommy Boobs? Irritated I asked: What the hell are Mommy Boobs? Cautiously he says“ Well your boobies are meant for baby now, that’s all” Not really sure how I feel about that at this stage….

Now that the wedding is over, I am toying with the idea of chopping off my locks. Have had long hair for ages and think perhaps a change will do me the world of good? Mmmmm what to do?

Anyhoo, Husband and I are off to Sexpo tonight! Should make for an interesting evening. Tomorrow we are sorting out the garden as the new house has been neglected with all the chaos of the wedding! Hoping to get some rest too, haven’t been sleeping well at all.

It’s my Brother’s Birthday tomorrow. He would have been 26 years old.

Happy Birthday Boet! Hope "Becks" non-alcoholic beer counts ..... :-)



momcat said...

Don't worry - Hubbies usually LOVE mommy boobies!!

Tay said...

Hope so, still trying to get used to them myself :-)

angel said...

I missed Sexpo because of my ankle... I wish I'd made a plan to go before Saturday.
Have you made a plan for new bras and such yet?

Tay said...

Hi Angel, I didn't go either :-( Bought new bra's over a month ago but am growing out of those too!!!