Thursday, October 15, 2009

Off to Cape Town I Go

This has been a most horrid week. After all the drama the Mother In Law caused things have been a little touchy…

I am off to Cape Town for the weekend, flying out tomorrow morning. Going to be meeting up with a friend I last saw when I was 12 years old. She moved to Scotland with her family and we have kept in touch over the years to meet up for the first time now.

She is visiting her sister in the Cape and has no idea I am going to be there the weekend. Her sister and I engineered the whole surprise. Let’s hope she is happy :-)

I chopped off all my hair yesterday. It’s all short and wispy now. Well to me it's short considering I had long long hair. Still wondering whether it was a good idea and am convinced the novelty is going to wear off soon…Will stick a pic up next week!

Am so excited about my trip this weekend. Only ever been to Cape Town once and that was like 14 years ago for a holiday.

Have a good one all!


PS. Any suggestions regarding boys names are most welcome, seriously!


angel said...

Ha! You're actually asking for boys names!!?!?!
Lessee... how about "Tyler", "Logan", "Seth" or "Brett"?

I do hope you're enjoying your trip to CT... I love the place!

Tay said...

Desperate times calls for desperate measures Angel, ha ha! Husband and I are considering Seth and Logan - very good taste hey!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear about your trip here! Hope it was lovely and you got the break away you needed!