Friday, October 23, 2009


Why is it that the people who least deserve hurt in life are the ones who continually get dished out pain?

A friend of mine lost her Fiancé on Tuesday in a freak accident. They were to be married in January.

She is being so strong but heartbroken and my heart aches for this girl who had finally forgiven herself and found happiness with a man she adored.

Taz, I am so very very sorry for your loss. You are the last person on the face of this earth that deserves such pain. Just know that GG is now your guardian angel and will be watching over you always.

I am thinking of you so much today.

God Bless


angel said...

Oh Tay, I am so sorry for your friend's loss.

Tay said...

The poor girl is shattered. Thanks Angel!

Weeball said...

That is terrible!! I am so sorry. It's heartbreaking stuff and you are totally right, it always happens to the least deserving. Please let her know that there are people out there who, even though they may not have known him, send their condolences!

It is a loss we all hope to never feel.

P.S. I'm Glad you are back Tay! I'm glad I happened to check your blog. I've been awaiting your return to blog land :)

Tay said...

Hi Weeball, I will certainly pass on your message, thank you :-)

Ps. It's good to be back. Our company is now monitoring our internet usage *frown* so my posts have become somewhat random! Thanks for the comment though!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh that is so sad! The worst thing is how much of a shock I am sure it was - to have to suddenly deal with such a tragedy is just too awful and unfair for words!

Wenchy said...

that is so horrible