Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weak Moments!

What a chaotic few days. We found out yesterday that Husband and I are expecting a little boy. He is very excited and already checking price lists for motorbikes and golf clubs…

We never got to Sexpo which I was rather miffed out about. Too many things happened Friday afternoon and we ended up visiting friends that are going through a really tough time at the moment.

On Sunday, we joined the Best Friend and BF’s Wife for a day out in Harties. Ate the most awesome Chinese and then we paid the snake park a visit which had me in shivers most of the tour. Did make friends with a porcupine though.

I am not wearing my wedding ring today. It was an accident. I never take it off accept when putting cream on my hands and this morning Husband distracted me and I ended up leaving it on the bedside table. Feeling very naked without it to be honest.

The bitch of the office moves today!!! WHOOO HOOOO!

Going to be a good day!



momcat said...

You're expecting a son - congratulations mom and dad!

Tay said...

Thanks Momcat! Still a little overwhelmed but very happy :-)

po said...

Hectic, so much has happened since I lat read your blog! You are like a whirlwind :)

Tay said...

Hee hee, Po I know! I had trouble keeping up too!

angel said...

How wonderful! A baby boy!